New Revolutionary Bicycle Saddle Prevents Pain, Numbness & Erectile Dysfunction...

Your current saddle may be ruining your love life

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Stop Putting Your Comfort &
Your Sexual Health at Risk!

“there are only two kinds of male cyclists – those who are impotent and those who will be impotent.”

Dr. Irwin Goldstein

Of course, Dr. Goldstein said that BEFORE we invented the revolutionary Bisaddle!

Here’s the problem:

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Pain & Numbness!

Patented BiSaddle  is the only fully adjustable saddle

The Bisaddle has been uniquely designed to eliminate the problems caused by traditional saddles.

Here’s what we’ve done:

  • 1

    Designed BiSaddle Based on Body Mechanics

    We’ve split the saddle surface into two halves and made them fully adjustable so that the discomfort commonly associated with cycling can be completely eliminated.

  • 2

    Designed BiSaddle Understanding The Difference In Pelvic Girdle Size

    Adjustability ensures a perfect fit considering that the angle of the bones at the bottom of the pelvic girdle vary between 50° and 60° for men and between 80° and 85° for women.

  • 3

    Designed BiSaddle Realizing That Many Of Us Are Asymmetrical.

    Many of us need a slightly different position to match each side of our pelvic girdle. Only Bisaddle addressed these issues and ensures a perfect, custom fit because each BiSaddle adjustable both in the front and back of each half of the seat.

  • 4

    BiSaddle supports your sit bones places NO pressure on your soft tissue

    These surfaces are contoured to fit the curvature of the bottom bones of your pelvic girdle (Ischiopubic rami and Ischial Tuberosities to be exact.).
    These surfaces are mounted on a frame that allows the surfaces to be positioned to allow for both separation and angular variations.
    This design addresses erectile dysfunction in men by allowing for up to 3/4 inch of separation of the surfaces in the front, which is where the dorsal artery passes under the pubic symphasis (bottom of the V) and into the genitals.

BiSaddle Benefits You Can Expect When You
Replace Your Traditional Bicycle Saddle

Increased riding comfort , no more numbness or pain...

Too many active people have been advised—or have decided on their own—to give up bicycle riding. Within hours of experiencing the no-pressure comfort of your radical, ground-breaking Bi-Saddle, you’ll wonder how you ever rode anywhere without it.

Improved Sexual Health & Physical Wellbeing

With BiSaddle you'll experience unimpeded sexual potency, and alleviate or prevent erectile dysfunction caused by riding common bike saddles. The Bi-Saddle delivers increased physical wellbeing to health-conscious riders; comfortable, safe performance; and a design that will turn heads even as it fosters physical health.

Ride Faster, More Often and Further...

Ride faster thanks to seat design which promotes greater bloodflow to the legs. Ride further due to increased comfort offered by fully adjustable saddle! . Enjoy greater bike control by staying in the saddle more … you won’t have to constantly stand in rough terrain to protect your soft tissue! .

Noseless Saddles, Like BiSaddle Are
Recommended By Medical Experts... 

You’ve Never Seen … or Felt … a Saddle Like This One Before! ...

Our competitors simply don’t offer the adjustability that we do – most are adjustable in one direction, not two (like us). Also, we are the only provider offering an ergonomic design that promotes proper leg dynamics and does not interfere with natural body angles for pedaling. Other noseless saddles are more like benches where the legs actually have to work harder to pedal and users experience increased muscle fatigue as a result.

Avoid spending money trying to find the perfect seat...

With Bisaddle you can adjust it for the perfect fit  in no time! Remember it will take a little time to get used to as you've never felt anything like BiSaddle. It can take a few rides to get it properly adjusted, but once you've got it dial in- there's no going back to a traditional saddle.

Here Is A Summary Of BiSaddle Benefits... 

  • Puts no pressure on soft tissues, genitals or testicles
  • Supports sit bones
  • Solves ED problems caused by common bike saddles
  • Is fully adjustable (front and rear) to conform to your unique shape
  • Offers better blood supply to your legs for greater endurance
  • Lets you climb hills and avoid bumps without leaving the saddle, so it’s safer
  • Is excellent for riders with prostate problems, groin injuries, ED, extra weight, pregnancies, and other medical conditions

100% Money Back Guarantee

You have an entire 3 months to test out the effectiveness of the BiSaddle with our 90 day return policy for satisfaction. In addition to that, we’re also giving you a 1-YEAR materials and workmanship warranty. Our guarantee is simple: BiSaddle MUST provide you with COMPLETE satisfaction. If for some odd reason it does not, all you have to do is let us know and you’re covered!


Take a Look at What Other Riders
Have to Say About Bisaddle

“Never such comfort, no pain, no misery, no numbness.”


“Bisaddle is the only noseless saddle for the serious cyclist.”

M.M., California

“If I couldn't bike on Bisaddle I'd stop biking.”

Andrew D., Seattle

“Bisaddle is a miracle cure.”

Rick S. Rolle, North Carolina

“No more scrotum pain, hallelujah.”

L.D., Australia

“Every bike rider owes it to himself to try Bisaddle. I will never go back to a traditional saddle.”

M.W., Portland

“Superior to traditional saddles with no numbness, pain or sexual problems.”

G.B., Texas

“Installed Bisaddle and now I can't go back.”

J.P., Oregon

“I thought I would have to give up cycling … It's rare a product has such a positive impact on your life. I have never gone numb with Bisaddle.”

Brad C.

“Bisaddle, all I have to say is wow! No numbness, no pain.”

J.G., Hawaii

“I was desperate and I was immediately amazed, no numbness or discomfort.”

Don W.

“I won't ride any other saddle.”

C.C., Oregon

Who Rides Bisaddle...

“I noticed a marked improvement that had nothing to do with Viagra. The duration of a sustained erection had diminished with years of riding a traditional saddle, but bounced back with regular riding of the Bisaddle”

Robert Brown
Seattle Police Bike Patrol

YES! I'm Ready To Try BiSaddle Today

Isn’t It Time You Said Goodbye to Pain & Numbness
& Started Writing Your Own Success Story?

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  • Revolutionary adjustable BiSaddle and frame
  • Setup guides
  • Tools to adjust position
  • Instructions
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Fits All Bikes

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  • Shims for height adjustment
  • Access to video guides for additional help

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