Designed to anatomically fit your body for ultimate comfort & support


Imagine one saddle that perfectly fits you, your bike and your riding style

BiSaddle is the world’s only completely customizable, fully adjustable bicycle saddle designed to fit your unique anatomy for unmatched support and superior comfort.

Feel like your riding on air with bisaddle da vinci

  • Split saddle let you adjust width, firmness & flatness for perfect fit and comfort
  • The shape can be configured for competitive or recreational cycling
  • The last saddle you'll ever buy- Lifetime warranty on chassis and all parts are replaceable
  • Save time and money trying to find the perfect saddle that fits you and every member of your family
  • Modular design with easily swap padding for exact support
  • Healthiest saddle in the world. No soft tissue pressure, Better blood flow, no cramping or numbness
  • One saddle for every member of your family-Works on road, triathlon, MTB, hybrid, family and youth bikes

BiSaddle DAVINCI Main Features

6-way adjustability for the perfect fit

Stop wasting money trying to find the perfect saddle! BiSaddle is the only fully adjustable saddle in the world. The 6-way positioning capability provides the most universal saddle ever.

  • One BiSaddle fits thousands of unique body shapes and riding styles
  • Adjust for both men and women
  • Adjust profile for anatomical power
  • Adjust to eliminate pressure on soft tissue
  • Adjusts for triathlon, racing, MTB, hybrid, cruiser
  • Bike Shops- reduce inventory and simplify saddle fitting

Adjust width

Adjustments 1-4 fit sit bone width and pelvic shape.

  • No soft tissue pressure
  • Supports sit bones
  • Prevents pain, numbness

Adjust Flatness

Adjustments 5-6 adapt the flatness of the saddle.

  • No soft tissue pressure
  • Ergonomic hip movement
  • Better power & comfort


protect yourself from injury

“Just returned from Paris-Brest-Paris. Fabulous ride with over 6300 riders.

At PBP I had many people ask me about my BiSaddle and several took photos.

My BiSaddle worked beautifully. No numbness issues. 750 miles in 80 hours and no issues.”

Mark Roehrig

Patented, Fully Adjustable Split Saddle Design Eliminates Pain, Discomfort, and Numbness!

Women and men rejoice at the prospects of pain-free cycling for enthusiasts and professionals alike! The innovative design of BiSaddle DaVinci provides support to the pelvic girdle—the “sit bones” –which reduces genital injury for women and impotence for men.

  • 1

    Protection From Genital Injury

“There are only two kinds of male cyclists – those who are impotent and those who will be impotent.” – Dr. Irwin Goldstein

Ride BiSaddle and make Dr. Goldstein eat his words!

Meanwhile, a recent article indicated that 30% of the professional female riders the author knew, required genital surgery from damage due to saddle pressure.

  • 2

    Don’t Put Your Sexual Health at Risk!

BiSaddle prevents numbness and sexual dysfunction.

With BiSaddle you’ll notice the difference almost immediately.

  • No pressure on soft tissue perineum … which means no feelings of numbness in your genitals EVER!
  • Increased comfort and blood flow allows you to ride faster and farther!

Aerospace materials, sleek modular styling and anatomical performance provide ride comfort and safety never before experienced

BiSaddle is the world’s only completely customizable, fully adjustable bicycle saddle designed to fit your unique anatomy for unmatched support and superior comfort.

Modular design makes the perfect saddle: modify, upgrade, swap padding, change colors...all with a single saddle.

The modular design gives you an “erector” set of BiSaddle parts and accessories that allow for unparalleled customization. You can swap out padding, change component colors, replace worn parts and more…. These modular capabilities are an excellent compliment to the adjustability of the saddle to fit the geometry of almost any cyclist. Imagine a new saddle that perfectly fits every rider, bicycle and riding style. Imagine that every cyclist experiences – the perfect fit.

Revolutionary modular padding technology with adjustable tuning

After discovering the great variety in foam padding properties used in traditional saddles (even on the same seat model), we knew we needed a padding system that could deliver repeated, consistent performance. We engineered a new innovative foam formulation and combined it with a tuned mechanical honeycomb to deliver ultimate light weight comfort and support. BiSaddle padding is available in medium/firm. The tuning plugs shown in the photo are NOT currently available

BiSaddle fit BASICS

riding position


If you spend most of the time on the flat portion of the handlebars and less on the hoods, your sit bones are in a more upright position. This requires a wider rear position adjustment. Add 3 or 4 cm to your sit-bone measurement according to the diagram on the left, then fine-tune the front position to eliminate soft-tissue pressure.


When you are on the hoods or in the drops your pelvis tilts forward (three degrees more for women then men), which takes pressure off the sit bones and can re-distribute it on soft tissue area. In this case, you want to add 0-2 cm to your sit bone measurement (see diagram) for the rear position and fine- tune the front position to eliminate soft-tissue pressure.

Century Proven Comfort

“I had trouble with numbness and saddle sores, but I have been very comfortable with BiSaddle. I would say that it does take some getting use to, but I’m never going back to a more traditional seat, as the BiSaddle just feels so comfortable to me now. I highly recommend riders try BiSaddle, I continually appreciate how good my “ butt “ feels after any ride, be it a 15 mile training ride or finishing up a "century"

Tom Turner
Tom Turner

Take a closer look at BiSaddle model options

Red, Black or Purple alloy laser marked rails.




40  Saddles Left

Limited Production Saddles Available

Choose the BiSaddle Model Right For You

Limited production run of 200 Da Vinci Saddles 

See counter above for availability

NOTICE: The hand-made Performance Saddles (with low back and gel)  have been discontinued and replaced by the New BiSaddle Da Vinci.  If you have an upcoming race or event please call us or email us for exact shipping details.

“My BiSaddle has cradled my sit bones happily along the coast of Ireland, across the island of Mallorca, along the Danube in Germany and Austria, around Lake Champlain, along the Erie Canal from Niagra Falls to the Hudson River, and as a daily commuter for 4 years in Indiana and New York. There is nothing like it. Just this weekend I rode a century on my BiSaddle and had as comfortable a bottom after 100 miles as I did at the start. Try one, you‘ll never go back.”

M. F., Roseburg

“As I progressed from 20 mile rides to longer rides, I would return feeling like I had a urinary tract infection, with symptoms lasting up to three days. With the BiSaddle, I have no problems with pressure on soft tissue in the front.”

L.Y., St. Helens

“I was worried about “ED”... I train longer and harder now because I know that riding with BiSaddle won’t make me impotent.”

John N , – Washington, DC

The BiSaddle story begins with inventor James Bombardier. Jim invented and patented the original BiSaddle that changed the lives of thousands of cyclists by addressing a key problem with bike saddles.

Before the BiSaddle design, traditional saddles would put pressure on the body presenting serious health and vitality risks for both men and women, especially those who live to ride.

His BiSaddle solved these problems, and the media praised the innovation after several medical and scientific studies confirmed the health benefits.

And, Jim may have come up with the DaVinci BiSaddle if he hadn’t been struck by a truck while cycling in 2006. In 2013, Jim’s patent attorney connected him with me, Jon Petty, because I was looking for a cause.

At first glace I was intrigued...”what is THIS?” I wondered.

It wasn’t until I read the numerous testimonials that I knew
I had found the cause I was seeking. BiSaddle prevented injury and gave people back their lives; however, the look of the design meant that it was the saddle of last resort.

I bought the company and set a new imperative: Make an elegant saddle with all the benefits of the original and with a look that would turn heads and put envy into the hearts when other cyclists saw it.

After two years of working closely with biking enthusiasts
and pros, the BiSaddle DaVinci accomplished these goals and more.

The Shape of Things to Come

The New BiSaddle DaVinci has it all...

  • Light, Space-Aged Material in a Total Resdesign
  • A Saddle You will Love and that Will Love You Back
  • One Modular Saddle for All Types of Riders

It’s my distinct please to bring you the BiSaddle DaVinci


Jon Petty

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

60-Day Return Policy

Lifetime Warranty on Chassis

No More Sitting On The Fence